Starkey Water | Frequently Asked Questions

— Frequently Asked Questions —

What’s that floating in my Starkey Water?

Starkey Water originates from a single source geothermal spring located in the foothills of Council ID.

The composition of our water includes small amounts of beneficial minerals including Silica, Bicarbonate, Sodium and Sulfate. You may have noticed that when you hold some of our glass bottles up to the light you can see fine reflective crystals of Silica/Silicon. But what causes this?

Starkey Water starts deep underground (2 miles to be exact) where the Earth’s temperature is around 136 degrees. At this temperature the Silica in our water is in a colloidal state, meaning that all the minerals and elements are suspended throughout the H2O and are undetectable to the eye. After we fill our glass bottles they are packed and stored in warehouses where they cool. In some cases, when the bottled water cools rapidly it creates thermodynamic instability between the minerals and the water forcing the silica to separate from the water. 

If you are lucky enough to get one of these bottles, hold it up to the light. What you will see is similar to a snow globe with lots of tiny, sparkling crystals of beneficial Silica swirling around. It’s perfectly safe to drink and does not change the flavor, mouth-feel, mineral content or pH composition. 

Where can I buy Starkey Water?

Starkey is available throughout the USA* (*coming soon in New York State) at Whole Foods Market stores. Starkey is also available for purchase online at Amazon Fresh in many locations throughout the USA.