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  • Idaho Business Review | July 18, 2013

    Whole Foods Market Division Buys Hot Springs, Water Bottler Near

    By: Brad Iverson-Long   A subsidiary of Whole Foods Market has purchased a hot spring and bottled water company in Adams County west of McCall and filed trademarks for a brand of bottled water. The grocery store, which opened a location in Boise in November 2012, has purchased the Starkey Hot...

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  • The Adams County Recorder | May 8, 2013

    Whole Foods Buys Starkey

    By: Dale Fisk

    Whole Foods Market closed a deal with Evelyn Snider to buy Starkey Hot Springs on April 24. The next day, they took over the lease on the Cuddy Mountain Water building at the Council Industrial Park.   Whole Foods plans to haul water from the hot springs to Council where th...

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  • Whole Foods Injects Life Back Into Council-Area Hot Springs

    By: Anne Wallace Allen

    Dr. Richard Starkey, a dentist and physician who opened a hot springs resort in rural Council in 1906, is long gone. But his story is resurfacing through Whole Foods, which has purchased the hot springs and last month started selling Starkey Spring Water in liter bo...

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