— The Water —


Starkey Spring Water rises up through the earth from more than two miles deep where it’s been pure filtered for more than 11,000 years. There’s no technology or man-made process behind Starkey-Mother Earth does all the work.

Lightly mineralized and silky smooth, Starkey quenches and rehydrates with a gently alkaline pH of 9.6. It’s vibrant and clear, and renews and recharges. Just take a sip and you’ll see.


Glass Bottles: Enjoy Starkey Spring Water’s natural, silky smooth taste in a glass bottle.  Sturdy and stylish, these are perfect for setting on the table at dinner parties or traveling all day with you. We encourage you to recycle, reuse and repurpose them

Plastic Bottles: BPA-free PET plastic bottles are another way to enjoy Starkey Spring Water. They’re perfect to bring along to places where glass bottles aren’t a good idea, like the beach, the pool, parks, yoga class, camping, concerts. PET plastic is the easiest to recycle and accepted at all recycling facilities. Don’t forget to recycle your bottle.